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Waymarking Italy’s Influence on the American Environmental Imagination While on Pilgrimage to Assisi
Robert Lawrence France

About the Author

Robert Lawrence France is a leading authority on ecological science and the management, design, and history of cultural landscapes, and has been cited ten thousand times in the academic literature. He has taught at the universities of Harvard, Ca’Foscari Venice, and McGill, and is presently a professor at Dalhousie University. Dr. France has published several hundred journal articles and twenty books. Among the latter are those concerning…

Long-distance walks

  • Along the Way: Pilgrimage Scenes from the Camino Francés to Santiago de Compostela (2014;
  • High Arctic Extreme Science: Environmental Research from the Trans-Ellesmere Island Ski Expedition (2010)
  • Ultreia! Onward! Progress of the Pilgrim (2007)
  • Going Over Old Ground: A Deep Pilgrimage Traversing England’s Memory Road to Canterbury (forthcoming)

Italy’s environment

  • Veniceland Atlantis: The Bleak Future of the World’s Favorite City (2011)
  • Handbook of Regenerative Landscape Design (2008)
  • Venice is Sinking!: Literary Ecocriticism of a City Inundated by Water and Tourists (in preparation)

Environmental criticism

  • Thoreau and the Aquatic Cats of Concord: A Love Story (2012)
  • Wetlands of Mass Destruction: Ancient Presage for Contemporary Ecocide in Southern Iraq (2007)
  • Deep Immersion: The Experience of Water (2003)
  • Profitably Soaked: Thoreau’s Engagement with Water (2003)
  • Reflecting Heaven: Thoreau on Water (2001)
  • Agri-Culture Eco-Cinema: Environmental Criticism of Filmed Portrayals of Farming (in preparation)